The three variants of innovative business presented below require different starting capital. If the first will cost a minimum of investment, and the money will have to be spent mainly on advertising, the second and third will require a larger sum.

Boutique randomly selected gifts

Thousands of people in the world regularly face problems trying to please their relatives or friends with the choice of gifts. Outsourcing this task has proven to be a promising solution that the American market has embraced with joy. The search for a gift is entrusted to outsiders.

In the former CIS countries there are stores of unusual gifts, where you can buy a certificate for a parachute jump. In the USA they have come up with an original interpretation of this idea. A person looking for a gift comes to the store, tells the sellers the data about the jubilee. And in a few days he takes something tightly packed in a box. Neither he nor the person who is intended to receive the surprise is aware of the contents.

Farms in the metropolis

Organic food and natural products are a hot topic for the American market. Such farms are beginning to gain popularity in our countryside as well. Except that their construction in the city seems unusual.

This way of growing herbs and vegetables can be called very economical. The freshest products in the best marketable form can be delivered to consumers in a matter of hours. And since there is little free space in the city, in the U.S. for this purpose used the roofs of houses. Farms and income to their creators bring, and help to clean the air of the metropolis from smog.

Distribution centers for online stores

This idea is not entirely new to us, but in 2022 in America it has gained special popularity. Its essence is to make your apartment, salon or store a center where customers of stores can pick up the ordered goods.

According to statistics, in America, the greatest demand for this type of service is not for online hypermarkets, but for small entrepreneurs. Usually to rent a representative kind of premises, start-up businessmen are not able to and are happy to use the services of creating delivery points. The presence of a point for self-delivery of goods markedly increases sales of goods via the Internet. Especially relevant are delivery points for stores selling clothes and shoes. After all, people are not very willing to buy them without trying them on.