America is considered the birthplace of the entertainment industry. It is there that Hollywood was born, which dictates the norms for the development of the film industry and show business all over the world. The high-tech industry is also developed there. One of the most popular types of business in the United States is various high-tech devices for game lovers, which replace the devices of the past. They are used in public places like movie theaters and malls. They’re also popular at anniversaries and weddings and children’s parties

Cartoon characters

Computer games are known to everyone in the world. But there is a difference between sitting behind the monitor and controlling yourself as a character. Any person can be photographed and turned into a hero of an animated computer game. The locations of such gaming machines are very fun. You can participate in battles for the castle with your own wife or organize a hunt for reptiles in the company of children.
Such high-tech ideas are realizable in our country, and the devices that create such a world of entertainment, are relatively inexpensive, available to small businesses.

Virtual paintings

Modern technology used in different variations gives a lot of scope for imagination. This type of business involves large touch screens, which are similar to smartphone screens. Only they have a huge size and reflect people approaching them like mirrors. Touching the surface makes it possible to draw various figures, change objects in places, increase and decrease them. For example, a person can draw himself new clothes, change its color, add unusual interiors.
If the picture seems to be successful, it can be saved and sent to your e-mail or placed in the cloud.